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Are you overwhelmed? Overworked? Can you remember the last time you had a vacation?
If you have no staff, it's likely you've experienced much of the above.
Pure Bookkeeping co-founder, Debbie Roberts has been there and overcome those challenges on the way to great success including selling her business for high 6 figures in 2014.
In this informative webinar, she is joined by her Pure Bookkeeping Partner, Michael Palmer and they will guide you on how to...
  • Know when you're ready to hire staff
  • Prepare your business for employees
  • Attract and hire the best bookkeepers
  • Set up your team for success

You'll also discover the 5 Top Mistakes That End in Frustration and How to Avoid Them.

This webinar could be the game-changer you've been looking for.
Michael Palmer

Article by Michael Palmer

Michael is the CEO of Pure Bookkeeping, the host of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast and an acclaimed business coach who has helped hundreds of bookkeepers across the world push through their fears and exponentially grow their businesses and achieve the quality of life they've always wanted.