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See all the Bookkeepers who are succeeding with Pure Bookkeeping.

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"I was ready to go from "side gig" to "business."

Jessica began freelance bookkeeping in 2010, first as a subcontractor for a CPA, then getting clients independently but it wasn't until 2016 that she felt she had learned enough to go from "side gig" to "business".

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"Do we just shut this down and go get jobs?"

Their pricing was wrong, so they weren't making enough revenue. They had hired the wrong people. They were paying them the wrong way and it got bad. It came to the point where Teresa and Connie asked themselves, "Do we just shut this down? Go get jobs?" 

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"My lack of systems was holding me back"

Lisa was on the hunt for everything she needed to create something amazing out of nothing and the stakes were high.

She needed to get her kids out of an unhealthy environment, find her freedom and make a living on her own.

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“Allow your team to have the best chance of success by giving them systems that support them.”

Kristy Fairbairn, director of The Business Oasis, started as a bookkeeper with a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering the best possible service. With two young kids and a partner that traveled for work, Kristy took her love of spreadsheets and found a flexible and rewarding career that suited her and her lifestyle.

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“You’ve got to trust yourself. Give it a hard go.”

Are you looking to take your bookkeeping business to the next level, but find yourself unsure about the next steps? Jacqui Cubis, wanting to have more quality time with her children and grow her business, was ready to hire her first employee when she found herself facing unforeseen hurdles.

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“Personally, it’s making me feel like I’m in control as a director.”

Olivia Story first began her business, Gecko Bookkeeping 10 years ago, and quickly discovered the difficulty in running a business while also raising a young family. Without effective systems in place Olivia was finding it especially challenging to grow her business and achieve her goals. That’s when Olivia decided to join Pure Bookkeeping.