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The Pure Bookkeeping Story

Our story starts with co-founder Debbie Roberts, who had been working for others as a bookkeeper for 20 years and decided to start her own business.

She was a very skilled bookkeeper who didn't take long to find clients. Within 12 months, she had replaced her previous income; in 18 months, her practice was full she was tearing her hair out with the amount of work she had.

She worked nights and weekends, sacrificed more time away from her family and friends, and tried to get through long hours every day. At that point, she was burned out and wasn’t seeing an adequate return for her efforts.

She thought about trying to hire staff but having cleaned up so many messes left behind by other bookkeepers; she didn't feel like she could trust other people with her clients.

She had two choices: give up or find a better way.

Finding a Bookkeeping Business Coach

Debbie was a member of a local BNI networking group, and one of the members, Peter Cook, was a business coach and did a presentation about loving your business. As he spoke, Debbie realized that she didn't love her business. She was beginning to despise her business.

She approached him after the presentation and told him her story.

He asked her one question, what if you could get everything out of your head and onto paper so that other bookkeepers could do the work as well as you?

Do you think that would help you trust hiring other bookkeepers?

That was the lightbulb moment for her. What if she could systemize the way a bookkeeping business should optimally run?

She hired him as her coach, and her first assignment was to read The E-Myth Bookkeeper, which explains how to build a system-driven business.

Building A System-Driven Business Verus a Chaos-Driven Business

Over a few years, Peter helped Debbie systemize every aspect of her business.

During this time, Debbie and Peter:

  • She has documented virtually every aspect of marketing, selling, hiring, and growing her business in step-by-step detail.

  • ​Established a step-by-step, detailed process for working with every client in her business, so she never had to reinvent the wheel when working with companies.

  • ​Set up a “skills and speed” test for new hires, so she could consistently hire the best bookkeepers for her business.

  • ​Created a training program to train all her new contractors and employees. All new hires could quickly and easily absorb Debbie’s 30 years of experience and skills through this training program, and they could all use the same processes and system when working with clients.

  • We developed a process to charge some of the highest prices in the industry, with clients valuing the service and referring others.

  • ​Designed and developed the “7x5” marketing system, which Debbie used to bring in at least 35 new clients yearly.

During this documentation process, she created hundreds of pages of checklists and procedures that all of her employees could access and use.

She hired 12 bookkeepers on staff and ended up charging some of the highest rates in the industry. The best part is that Debbie had the freedom and flexibility to take months off at a time because her bookkeeping business ran itself.

Peter had helped her build a business she loved.

The Pure Bookkeeping System is Born

About eight years after Debbie expanded her business and tested her systems, Peter asked Debbie a new question.

Would other bookkeepers have as much success as her if they implemented her systems into their businesses?

They decided to work with some “early adopter” bookkeeping business owners willing to experiment with Debbie's systems.


These bookkeeping business owners achieved incredible results with the Pure Bookkeeping system.

A mission to help other bookkeepers like you

Inspired by the success of their early adopters, Debbie and Peter saw that they could transform the bookkeeping industry by helping great bookkeepers grow their bookkeeping businesses.

Which became the mission of Pure Bookkeeping, and today, we've helped thousands of bookkeepers in the United States, Canada and Australia.

In 2015, Debbie and Peter were invited by the author of The E-Myth, Michael E. Gerber, to write The E-Myth Bookkeeper which documents their story of building a system-driven bookkeeping business and has sold thousands of copies.

Create robust systems to optimize your business

Running a bookkeeping business takes tremendous patience, grit, and passion for the industry. Thankfully, we love what we do. We’ve dedicated our business to helping entrepreneurs as you thrive.

We show you how to create robust systems like sales and marketing, human resources, and leadership. Our methods are adaptable, practical, and proactive, with unique training and coaching tools to help you reach your business goals. You walk away with valuable knowledge and actionable steps for consistent and accurate results.

Learn more about our systemized approach.