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A Guide to Tripling Your Revenue with Just 3 Steps

Are you tired of trying to reinvent the wheel and wasting valuable time growing your bookkeeping business?

Look no further! Our proven blueprint has helped thousands of bookkeepers like you find their way and grow a very profitable bookkeeping business in just months.

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The Lesson Plan

1. Navigating the Journey

Starting a bookkeeping business can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Without a clear understanding of where you stand and where you're headed, you may feel lost. However, we have helped countless bookkeepers navigate this journey and transform their businesses into ones they truly love.

2. Boost Your Business by a minimum of $30,000

By shifting your focus from simply "doing bookkeeping" to building a successful bookkeeping business, it is possible to increase your revenue by $30,000 each year. With continued efforts, you can reach the point where you add $30,000 per quarter in a scaling mode.

3. Seven Strategies to Attract Ideal Clients

Marketing a bookkeeping business doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, those who overthink it often end up with no results and waste valuable time, energy, and money. Our 7 proven strategies have the potential to add 5 new clients to your business each year, totalling 35 new clients and ensuring you never have to search for new clients again.

4. Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes

When I hear about bookkeeping business owners making these two big costly marketing mistakes, I get frustrated. These mistakes can set them back for years financially. We will show you how to avoid these mistakes and help you recover if you've already made them.

5. A Quick Way to Boost Revenue 10% with Existing Clients

You likely provide many valuable services to your clients that you may not be charging for. By separating these services and offering them as separate charges, you can easily increase revenue from your existing clients.

6. The Key to Hiring Great Staff

Hiring is never an easy process, especially in a bookkeeping business. Poor hires can cost the business thousands of dollars. We will share the secret to hiring great staff and help you make the right decisions for your business.

    You'll Learn How To...

    Get paid more

    We'll show you how to get your clients to value you and pay more for your services.

    Find Great Clients

    Let us help you find clients you love to work with and who will value what you do for them.

    Hire Great Staff

    We'll show you how to get the hiring right which will give you your time back and help you earn more.

    Increase Profitability

    Profit is the point of being in business. If you're tired of doing a lot of work and not seeing the financial benefits, it's time for a new strategy that's proven to work.

    Work Less

    Are you working too much? We'll show you how to get your time back, work less and earn more.

    Sell Your Business

    If you build your business with the aim of selling it. You'll end up earning more while building it, have more freedom along the way and substantially fund your retirement.

    Put an end to your "Trying to figure it out."

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    With a focus and commitment to your business, you can add a minimum of an additional $30,000 to your revenue each year and scale even further.

    The video also covers the seven marketing strategies, which will help you add 35 new clients annually, avoiding the two costly marketing mistakes that can set your business back.

    You'll learn how to quickly add 10% in new revenue by leveraging valuable services that you're currently not charging your clients for.

    Finally, the video reveals the secret to hiring great staff, and avoiding the costly consequences of bad hires.

    Don't miss this opportunity to take your bookkeeping business to new heights.