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As a bookkeeping business owner, you’re super focused every day on the tasks that need to get done.

Before you know it, it’s 3:30pm and you haven’t had breakfast or lunch.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re like many entrepreneurs who are so consumed with their business they forget to schedule in time for nutrition.

You probably already know that is not a winning health strategy.

This isn’t a shocker, but our bodies require nutrients to operate at maximum capacity or to function at all.

If you’re not fuelling your body properly, your business results will suffer because you’ll be more vulnerable to fatigue and illness.

If you don’t believe me, ask Lori Zanini, a Los Angeles-based leading dietitian and a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.’s, Adam Callinan spoke with her regarding his lack of dietary structure and here were 3 important points he took away:

1. Timing Is Key

I have long been guilty of getting up early, grabbing a cup of coffee and just getting to work. I’ve historically missed breakfast, despite the fact that I have indeed heard the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” adage since I could talk.

Well, apparently it’s not a joke.

“You should aim to eat breakfast soon after waking up in order to jump-start your metabolism for the day," Zanini says.

"Rather than depriving your body of food, look at breakfast as a way to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs. Breakfast has been shown to help curb cravings later in the day and improve both your memory and concentration.”

Do yourself a favour and take an extra 17 seconds to grab a banana and a handful of almonds to scarf down as you’re getting your day started then work to consume some real food every three to four hours throughout the day, which will help increase energy and focus.

2. Tone Down The Coffee & Drink More Water

I, like many of you, thoroughly enjoy coffee and have found myself regularly consuming cup after cup. Now, there are ample studies that show a couple of cups are good for you, but there’s a big difference between a couple and seven.

What isn’t mentioned in the studies is what you’re adding to the coffee.

Zanini says, “adding sugar and cream to your multiple cups of coffee doesn’t do your body any favours. Instead, try flavouring coffee with skim milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract or better yet, drink your coffee black!”

According to Zanini, previous studies have shown an estimated 75 percent of American adults are chronically dehydrated, which plays a significant role in loss of focus and increased fatigue, among other issues.

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed being dehydrated caused “headache symptoms, loss of focus, a sense of fatigue and low mood both at rest and during exercise.”

As an entrepreneur or professional, these issues are bad for business.

So “drink enough water to ensure that your urine remains very light in colour throughout the day,” Zanini says.

3. What You Eat Matters

This may not come as a surprise, but fast food is really bad for you. It’s chock full of saturated fats -- which are the bad kind -- and types of carbohydrates that cause a dramatic insulin spike. A high level of insulin, which happens in response to the consumption of carbs, drives a false feeling of hunger.

Yes, sugar is a carbohydrate.

Zanini suggests you, “consume meals that are largely built around protein and high-fibre carbohydrates. This combination of nutrients will keep you full longer, help you focus and even prevent mood swings related to blood sugar fluctuations. Easy-to-make examples of this combo include an apple with natural peanut butter or sliced vegetables with a few tablespoons of hummus.”

During the day, I realize it’s challenging to find time to eat especially when you’re facing deadlines.

But, if you don’t change your habits, you’re putting yourself and your bookkeeping business at a disadvantage.

It’s not worth the risk.

So, make a commitment to improving your
health today.

You deserve it.

To your success,


Michael Palmer

Article by Michael Palmer

Michael is the CEO of Pure Bookkeeping, the host of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast and an acclaimed business coach who has helped hundreds of bookkeepers across the world push through their fears and exponentially grow their businesses and achieve the quality of life they've always wanted.