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    Save Money (and Eliminate Stress) by Using a Bookkeeping Company That Has the Pure Bookkeeping Seal of Approval

    If you’re a business owner, you probably already know that getting the "Bookkeeping Monster" under control is important. 

    But perhaps you’re not sure how to find someone you can trust to manage your books.

    Right now, maybe you’re managing your books on your own, and you have a family member doing it. 

    Sometimes, if you’re being honest, the bookkeeping doesn't get done at all...and you constantly wonder whether you're doing things correctly.

    You know your bookkeeping situation is getting WORSE as time goes on.

    Maybe you feel a little bit embarrassed that you don't know your financial numbers every month, and you're not really on top of your taxes (and to be honest, you haven't been on top of things for quite a while). 

    You might be worried about accidentally missing an invoice from a vendor or supplier – or missing a payment to a staff member. 

    Over the years, you've been burned by a string of unqualified bookkeepers who have ended up costing you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

    Bookkeeping Woes? You're Not Alone.

    Regulation of the bookkeeping industry has become a haphazard affair.

    If you put ten bookkeepers in a room, and asked all of them to complete the same bookkeeping task, chances are that all ten of these people would approach the task a different way. 

    Up until recently, there hasn't been a "standardized" way to do individual bookkeeping companies would all invent their own system of keeping business records.

    In the past, there was no easy way to tell if a bookkeeper was qualified or not. There was no simple test you could assign, to see if the person actually knew what they were doing. 

    Trying to hire a random bookkeeper feels like playing Russian Roulette – and right now, you can't afford to make mistakes.

    If you fail to file your taxes correctly and on time, it could cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and lost revenue.

    All this stress is hurting your business right now. Every minute that you spend worrying about your bookkeeping is a minute you're NOT focused on growing your business. 

    Someone needs to take bookkeeping off your plate, for good – and it needs to happen soon.

    If This Is You – I Have Good News.

    Trying to untangle your business records can be lonely and frustrating...but there is another way.

    Imagine what it would feel like if you could:

    • Finally hand off all your bookkeeping to someone you trust.
    • Know you're getting reliable, accurate information from your bookkeeper every month.
    • Save thousands on overdue fees, tax penalties, and lost revenue from dealing with inaccurate financial records.
    • Guarantee that you're hiring an experienced, qualified professional – before you spend a penny.
    • Achieve your business goals faster, because you finally have the clarity, control, and peace of mind you've been longing for.
    • Sleep soundly at night, knowing that you're up to date on your taxes, all your vendors have been taken care of, and your staff members have all been paid correctly.

    These things are possible...

    ...even if your financial records seem completely out of control right now, and you’ve been ignoring the problem for months (or years!)

    ...Even if you’re not currently caught up on your taxes.

    ...Even if you've been burned before by inexperienced bookkeepers, and you feel scared to give someone new a try.

    Now there is a way to KNOW, with 100% certainty, that you are hiring a qualified bookkeeper.

    Introducing the Pure Bookkeeping Certification Program

    Bookkeepers who are certified in the Pure Bookkeeping system use a structured, precise, "best-practice" approach to bookkeeping so business owners will always know their records are correct and up to date. 

    When you see the Pure Bookkeeping certification seal, it means that your bookkeeper will follow the same systems and procedures to do bookkeeping tasks – so you can count on the quality and accuracy of their work.

    Debbie Roberts started her own bookkeeping business in Australia in 2001. As she grew her client base, she noticed that she continually cleaned up messes left behind by inexperienced bookkeepers. 

    She spent the next nine years honing her systems and building her bookkeeping business to 12 staff members. One of Debbie’s specialties was finding ways to screen new recruits, so she always hired the best possible candidates.

    In 2010, she launched Pure Bookkeeping, a new company dedicated to helping other bookkeepers grow their businesses by using a repeatable, reliable bookkeeping process.

    Since then, the Pure Bookkeeping standard operating procedures have been continually tested, refined, and updated by professional bookkeepers who are on the cutting edge of legal and software changes that can affect your business records.

    Over 700 experienced, qualified bookkeepers around the world use the Pure Bookkeeping system to manage their clients’ books and ensure the absolute highest levels of accuracy. 

    Here’s Exactly How It Works

    Pure Bookkeeping has strict standards of excellence, and all licensees must pass our training programs with a score of 100% to receive accredited status.  

    When your bookkeeper starts managing your books, they will follow a step-by-step series of checklists every month, to make sure everything gets completed, logged and double-checked. Every step always gets completed in the same way and your bookkeeper will run a series of accuracy checks to make sure the information is correct. 

    Every month, you’ll get regular reports, so you have the right financial information at your fingertips at all times.

    Licensees guarantee that the information they provide will be accurate. If it’s not, your bookkeeper will fix it for free (and take steps to ensure the mistake never happens again).

    When your accountant receives the books at the end of the year, everything will be organized, correct, and up-to-date. You will never have to pay your accountant to fix your bookkeeping records.

    “But What If My Regular Bookkeeper Leaves the Company? I Hate It When I Have to Transition to Someone New…”

    As Pure Bookkeeping companies grow and expand, they recruit highly skilled bookkeepers to join their teams – and they follow a highly selective screening and training process.

    Every new applicant has to pass rigorous bookkeeping tests – and if they do get hired, they are fully trained in the Pure Bookkeeping system. 

    All Pure Bookkeeping licensees have audits, metrics, and checks in place to ensure the work of every staff member. 

    That means a Pure Bookkeeping certified company will ALWAYS be able to replace bookkeepers if someone takes a vacation or leaves permanently. Your company won’t miss a beat, and the transition will be so seamless that you probably won’t even notice the change. 

    I’m blown away by the depth, thoroughness, and quality of the Pure Bookkeeping System, and the financials that I receive as a result. After experiencing the difference it makes to my business partnering a bookkeeper who is using the Pure Bookkeeping System I would never go back – and I recommend my clients only use bookkeepers who use the Pure Bookkeeping System

    Craig Lawson
    Craig Lawson Consulting

    “I Know I Want to Work with a Pure Bookkeeping Licensee. What’s My Next Step?”

    If a bookkeeper sent you to this page to find out more about the Pure Bookkeeping system, you can let that person know you’re ready to get started.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I have to start from scratch every time a new person from my bookkeeping company works on my books? I hate that!

    When you work with a Pure Bookkeeping licensee, they’ll be keeping checklists on your individual business, documenting exactly how to keep your books.

    Any staff member can step in at any time, and manage your books for you – even if someone leaves the company or has to go out on sick leave. 

    When you work with a company that is an accredited Pure Bookkeeping licensee, your books will be done the same way, using the same systems, every single time – not matter who’s working on your records. 

    What qualifications do staff members need to have, before they work for a Pure Bookkeeping certified company?

    We recommend that any staff member that a licensee hires have: 

    • A minimum of Accounting 1 and 2, at college level. 
    • A minimum of 5 years of experience as a bookkeeper.
    • The ability to work to a high standard.

    All applicants must also successfully complete the Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment and the Online Training Program.

    Can my bookkeeper coordinate with my accountant?


    Pure Bookkeeping licensees regularly check in with their clients’ accountants, to make sure everything is running efficiently, and to see if they need to make any changes to their reporting systems. 

    This regular coordination ensures that all of the members of your bookkeeping and tax team work together and do things as efficiently as possible.

    I want my bookkeeper to do more than just spit out reports every month. Can Pure Bookkeeping licensees provide additional services?

    Yes. Pure Bookkeeping licensees are some of the best bookkeepers in the business, so they have a large toolbox of skills.

    Your bookkeeper can become your business advisor. They can help you:

    • Look at your business’s cash flow and Key Performance Indicators.
    • Budget appropriately.
    • Set long and short-term goals.
    • Understand what you want from your business, and help you get there.
    • Identify the small leaks in your business – the little expenses that are draining your profits unnecessarily – and help you reduce what you’re spending.
    • Provide accountability for you as you expand and grow.
    I can’t afford to hire a Pure Bookkeeping licensee. What should I do?

    The reality, You can’t afford NOT to hire a great bookkeeper. There is too much at stake. 

    After all, this is your business we’re talking about – and the financial health and growth of your company. 

    If you’re doing your own books, or you have an inexperienced bookkeeper doing them, mistakes ARE going to happen, and the repercussions will be time-consuming and costly. If you’re serious about your business (and I know you are), one of the best financial decisions you can make is hiring a Pure Bookkeeping-certified bookkeeping company.

    Don’t all bookkeepers have systems, checklists, and accuracy safeguards built into their companies?

    Actually, no. Most bookkeepers have a simple mental checklist that they run through in their minds as they’re doing your books – but many of them make a lot of mistakes because they skip steps or don’t complete crucial tasks. Mental checklists aren’t fail-safe. 

    Pure Bookkeeping’s checklists and processes are all documented, and all licensees go through those documents in detail as they’re doing your books – so your numbers are accurate and consistent.

    What if I get audited?

    These days, you should assume that you WILL be audited at some point. The ATO loves transparency, and they want to see that you have systems for complying with tax laws. When you work with a Pure Bookkeeping certified bookkeeper, that’s exactly what you get. 

    We don’t promise that audits will be painless with our system, but they will certainly be less painful.

    Make sure you ask your bookkeeper if they're Pure Bookkeeping Certified