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Introducing the Pure Bookkeeping System

The system that business coach and entrepreneur Peter Cook and bookkeeper Debbie Roberts created over a decade in her bookkeeping business. The System that took her from a sole practitioner to having a successful business and a team of twelve bookkeepers. The System that is now available to help bookkeepers like you transform your business.

Building a profitable bookkeeping business is attainable by any bookkeeper. However, there are deliberate actions required to ensure success and avoid failure.

Pure Bookkeeping provides a proven roadmap for every revenue stage of your growth, as seen below, from startup to 6 figures & beyond.

The Pure Bookkeeping Business Blueprint


How our Pricing Works

"When you take the actions that have been proven to grow a bookkeeping business,  your success is predictable and guaranteed." Debbie Roberts

Thanks for considering purchasing a licence for the Pure Bookkeeping System and joining the Pure Bookkeeping family. If you are looking to grow your business, we’re confident that our system will be an invaluable investment.

The Pure Bookkeeping System represents over a decade of blood sweat and tears. It’s currently in its 10th version. Every part of it has been tested, pulled apart, improved and put back together. This isn’t something we’ve put together on a whim, or because we’ve seen a market opportunity. It’s something we’ve been building and using for over a decade, which is why we are so confident it will work for you.

It’s the reason that Debbie has been able to grow her business from just being on her own, to having a team of 12 bookkeepers. And more importantly, it’s what’s gotten her to the point where she only works half-time in her bookkeeping business (and even less lately).

We have been blown away and humbled by the response to our system. There are now more than 700 Pure Bookkeeping licensees, making us bigger than any of the bookkeeping franchises in Australia. We recognise that it is a substantial investment you are considering. However by the same token we are often asked why we don’t charge more.

It comes back to our mission — to transform the bookkeeping industry by helping great bookkeepers grow their businesses. We take that very seriously, and we want to help as many bookkeepers as we can. Very early on we decided not to go down the franchising road and charge $30k–$40k for our system. We have instead priced the system at a level that makes it a no-brainer for bookkeepers who are serious about growing their businesses.

So if you want to build a successful bookkeeping practice or business and are serious about growing, we’d love to give you the tools.

How the Pure Bookkeeping System Will Help you Grow Your Business

Get more clients

The sales & marketing manual will give you everything you need to fill your books. It contains the 7 x 5 marketing plan, including how to get in front of accountants, systematically get referrals, and effectively convert prospects to clients.

Charge more

By providing a great bookkeeping service, selling a bookkeeping system, following the processes in the sales and marketing manual and charging what you are worth you will be able to increase your prices, and get paid what you’re worth.

Sell additional services

The Pure Bookkeeping System provides a suite of additional reports and services that you can produce and charge for.

Recruit other bookkeepers

Putting on other bookkeepers is a big step. If that’s what you choose to do, the human Resources manual will give you the guidance you need to advertise for, interview, and most importantly test new bookkeepers.

Increased confidence

Many of our licensees report a boost in confidence that comes with the certainty that you are delivering industry best practice bookkeeping, being part of the Pure Bookkeeping Community and having unlimited support to implement the PB System.

Invest In The Pure Bookkeeping System

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