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Part of our mission at Pure Bookkeeping is to transform the bookkeeping industry. I know, it sounds pretty bold, and when we first came up with the idea we thought "who are we to transform an industry?", and Peter Cook and I wondered if it was even possible. But years after starting my bookkeeping business I’m still cleaning up messes left behind by bookkeepers who are not passionate and proud and are ignoring or avoiding the fact that they are now required to be a Registered BAS Agent.

We are committed to a paradigm shift in our industry. According to Thomas Kuhn in his book [The Structure of Scientific Revolutions], a paradigm shift is a change in basic assumptions. Kuhn used this duck or rabbit optical illusion to demonstrate the way in which a paradigm shift could cause a person to see the same information in a completely different way.

Here are three paradigm shifts I want to see:

  • From "I’m just a bookkeeper" to "I’m the critical support for any small business"
  • From “data entry and compliance” to “empower business owners around their finances”
  • BAS Agents are acknowledged by business owners and Accountants as professionals with impeccable standards

Maybe it is a bold idea but I’m passionate and proud about being a BAS Agent and I’m up for the challenge.