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I talk to bookkeepers almost every day and feel privileged that they share their journey with me. Often they are experiencing all kinds of hardships – financial, health, family….and then there’s their business they are trying to grow and all the issues associated with that. Problem clients, underpaid, overworked, staff. They feel, at times, like they are almost drowning.

I received this email from a bookkeeper recently and found it so inspirational that I asked her if it was OK to share and she agreed. “At the moment I see myself, with my eye’s just clearing the water’s surface. If I hold my breath for a few months and tread like hell, my nose WILL break the surface as well. From there, I will be able to start taking a few strokes forward. In the meantime, anything that tries to grab my ankles, will not succeed in dragging this girl down. Looking forward to kicking off the deep end’s wall.

There were many times I felt like throwing in the towel. In particular, when my business nearly went under in 2007 and I had the choice of putting money in to pay the ATO debt or go bankrupt. I could have easily given up. Instead, I worked harder than ever for 18 months to repay the debt and to get back on track. There were times when all I could do was come home to my family, who loved me unconditionally and just hug them for a long time. I called it “filling up” and if my kids tried to pull away before I was ready I would say “Not yet, I’m not filled up” and we’d have a laugh! Just what I needed.

I admire this bookkeeper who is 10/10 committed to growing her bookkeeping business and WILL NOT GIVE UP. It takes enormous courage, a good dose of faith, a big enough vision and the support of those who love and believe in her. And what a story she will have to tell when she succeeds! Do you feel inspired?