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I often talk about how important it was for me to have an accountability structure in place, and the support of someone who cared as I was growing my bookkeeping business. Peter Cook, as my business coach, was that person. He is a great implementer and helped me identify projects that mattered and helped me persist with them to completion. Each meeting, we agreed on a list of actions and then, in the following month, we discussed my progress (or otherwise).

I didn’t get all actions completed every month. There were some months (like during BAS-ON and EOY) when it was impossible. Pete was very understanding but it really bothered me when I had to explain why I hadn’t completed something. So I was more likely to get it done than if I was just working on my own. That’s how the Pure Bookkeeping System was born – a project which lasted about six years.

Having that accountability and support in your business is a bit like having a fitness buddy. If you make arrangements to meet a friend on the corner of the street at 6am three mornings a week to exercise, you are much more likely to be there because you don’t want to let them down, regardless of how you feel. It takes much more self-discipline to get out of a warm bed on a cold morning if it’s just you.

It’s hard to find someone who understands what you're going through and who is prepared to provide you support and accountability as you grow your business. At Pure Bookkeeping, we've decided to help people do exactly that. We've created what we call PB Masterminds, where our licensees can get together on a monthly basis to respectfully share ideas, discuss issues and support each other to implement the Pure Bookkeeping System. Those licensees who attend are more likely to achieve their goals because of the support, structure, and accountability these groups provide. We have 14 groups starting across Australia in June and we are very excited! This photo is of Raylee Kroll’s group in Mooloolaba, Qld.

If you don’t have an accountability structure in place then find a buddy or a group who can provide that for you. It’s going to make the journey much more enjoyable.