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I was in contact with a PB licensee recently to see if she had any issues with the implementation of the Pure Bookkeeping System. One of the steps of the implementation is to make sure you have all the necessary documents signed including the engagement letter. She was having problems with two clients who were avoiding signing them for some reason that she just did not understand. It seemed to make no difference when she explained that it was a requirement as a BAS Agent. Because they hadn’t signed the engagement letter at the start of the engagement, they were now questioning why they had to now. She was afraid that if she pushed it too hard she would lose the clients, which she couldn’t afford to do.

When you’re starting a bookkeeping practice and keen to fill your books as quickly as possible, you will take on anyone with a pulse and a cheque book because you need the cash. When that’s your only criteria for selecting clients, you begin your relationship on their terms. You will allow them to pay you when they have enough cash instead of within your terms, you will do whatever they request rather than what you know is right and you will tolerate being disrespected by some clients.

My reply to her email was simply “You know what the solution to needing a client is? Marketing.”

qualityI realise that most bookkeepers really don’t like marketing. That was certainly the case for me. My favourite marketing strategy was to do a good job and get word of mouth referrals. No selling required! However, it’s not enough to fill your books quickly with quality clients. You may never love marketing but implementing multiple marketing strategies gives you choices.

When you know that there’s another bus coming you will realise you don’t “need” any client and you’ll be more selective.