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Back in April, Pete and I announced that we had been invited by Michael E Gerber to co-author the E-Myth Bookkeeper with him. As you know, Michael E. Gerber is the most successful small business author of all time. You can imagine what an honour it was to be invited.

Well, we are thrilled to say that the book is completed and was launched at the ABN Conference last week, and we were humbled and honoured by the response we got.

To be honest I was stunned by the enthusiastic response at the conference. Many bookkeepers had read the E-Myth years ago and were eager to see how the principles outlined in the original book were applied to the specific needs of growing a bookkeeping business. And having people come up and ask me to sign their copy was a bit surreal – I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who spoke to me at the ABN Conference with such kind words of appreciation. I also want to thank Mike Palmer, our partner in PB Canada for having the courage to grab hold of an opportunity and approach Michael E. Gerber in the first place. And, of course, my thanks to Michael E. Gerber himself for seeing what Pure Bookkeeping is doing for the bookkeeping industry and giving us the opportunity to take that further by co-authoring the book. And finally special thanks to Peter Cook who crafted our chapters ensuring Michael’s message was made more relevant to the specific needs of great bookkeepers growing their businesses.