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One of the surprising benefits of growing my bookkeeping business has been personal development. When I made the decision to grow my business, I had no idea that the baggage I carried with me through life would affect my business. I thought “never the twain shall meet”! But they did and frequently. For example, if I bought a birthday gift on behalf of family or friends, I would leave it up to each person to remember to pay me for their share. It happened all the time. And often they forgot to pay me and I didn’t remind them because it made me feel uncomfortable.

Guess how that translated in my business? I would avoid having an upfront conversation with clients about money. I didn’t discuss terms, had no systems in place for getting paid on time and, when I had a team, I struggled with cash flow as a result. When I started working with Pete that was one of the first things we worked on. Pete has confessed that he’s made it his personal mission to take me out of my comfort zone and to raise the bar as often as possible because he knew that was the only way for me to conquer the fear that was holding me back.

WFDThink of an elite high-jumper. When competing, the bar is raised bit by bit until there is a clear winner. Each time the bar is raised they have to stretch themselves beyond what they thought was possible. They know if they let fear and doubt in they will blow it. They realise it’s in the perseverance and commitment that records are broken and Personal Bests are achieved. I am ever thankful to Pete for raising the bar because it has been so empowering.

Have you identified areas in your business which are affected by the baggage you carry? Do you need to raise the bar and take yourself out of your comfort zone?