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Just finished an awesome workshop "Let’s talk Fixed Fees and Value Pricing" with Debbie, providing education and answering questions on how to price what we do. 

This particular topic is so vast, but we think it is important to start the journey sooner than later - and continue to educate yourself constantly. 

During the session we discussed:

  • the difference between Fixed and Value pricing (which we find a quite common question)
  • biggest mistakes when value pricing
  • why bookkeepers procrastinate about implementing value pricing
  • what clients are buying vs what you can be selling
  • what information do you need to place value on your services?

Finally, we looked at the first steps to get started.

This is a topic Deb and I are deeply passionate about and have done much training and research in, to develop our skills to provide value to our licensees.  This is something that does need research and try and edit approach.  Pricing differently is not something that you can just pick up and implement.  There comes a lot of emotion, self-doubt, and feelings of worthiness to price in a certain manner. We believe it needs time to understand and perfect.

But we are also strong believers in getting started.  It will not be perfect the first, second or even third time – but you will get better. 

Some of the ways we discussed to get started are:

  • arrange your services into packages
  • analyse your historical information for a select number of clients
  • review and edit your engagement letter to provide for the new way of pricing
  • choose 3 clients to implement the new pricing method
  • start with version 1

Katrina Aarsman, CEO – Pure Bookkeeping

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