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At this time of year, we have a choice of two reactions: 

  1. Panic and stay in a place of stress for the next two months or
  2. Choose to stay calm, plan your day - every day, don’t react to demands of clients and make notes of what needs to be improved for next quarter. 

Know it will not be perfect - but that is OK.  If you make a note of what is not working and change it during BAS off for next time or even for next EOFY, then each future BAS on or busy period will improve.

In addition to the normal checklists to review, reconcile and report on we also discussed tasks that you can do as a value add for your clients.  Making your clients aware that you are a supportive advisor and part of their team by being proactive within their business by offering advice and guidance.

Although we cannot give tax advice many bookkeepers are aware of certain matters that need the tax accountant to be involved in. This is a great opportunity to meet with both client and accountant to discuss these matters as part of a team.

Be kind to yourself and remember you are only human and have only so much to give.  Don’t be afraid to say NO.  Find ways to relax and enjoy everything you do for your business and your clients or change your ways.

Katrina Aarsman, CEO – Pure Bookkeeping

Article by purebookkeeping