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In last month’s PB Book Club we discussed Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. 

The book voted for in our FB poll for the month of July is Atomic Habits by James Clear. “What???!!! (I can hear you scream). You expect me to find time to read a book at the busiest time of the year???!!!!” I get it, for sure, but stay with me and let me know your thoughts after you’ve read this blog. (BTW, I did suggest that perhaps we skip July so you could focus on year-end but it was unanimously agreed, by those who attended last month, to keep it as-is. Some were concerned they might lose the habit they had established of reading consistently every day).

If you would LOVE to have time to read business books every day so you can grow personally and professionally but have struggled to create a habit, then what better book to start with than Atomic Habits!

James’ number 1 tip to get started with a new habit is to use the “2-minute rule”. The Two-Minute Rule states “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do e.g:

  • Read before bed each night becomes Read one page.
  • Do thirty minutes of yoga becomes Take out my yoga mat.
  • Fold the laundry becomes Fold one pair of socks.
  • Run three kms becomes Tie my running shoes.

James says “The idea is to make your habits as easy as possible to start. Anyone can meditate for one minute or read one page of a book”.

If you’d like to get started on creating a new reading habit, just commit to reading for 2 minutes every, single day.

It’s not so difficult to find 2 minutes - you’ve found 2 minutes to read this blog after all.

Debbie Roberts, CoFounder – Pure Bookkeeping