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I took my team out for dinner last week to a lovely restaurant which is run and owned by a client of mine (by the way, if you live in Melbourne I can highly recommend Bramble and Vine in Nicholson Street Carlton!).

I like to do this after every BAS period and at Christmas. It’s my way of thanking my team and acknowledging the fact that without them I wouldn’t have a business.

Why celebrate? The following has been adapted from an article written by Pratish from

We are constantly bombarded with eternal clichés like “life’s a journey”, “enjoy the ride” or “be sure to stop and smell the roses”. While cringe-worthy at times, these expressions exist to firmly remind us to take time out to celebrate our experiences and that it is important to do so. Celebrating our successes helps keep us on track and motivated towards our goals.

The stronger the sense of purpose we have, the more meaningful our actions are to us as we take steps to fulfill that purpose. If one assumes that at some level people know what their purpose is, then we should take time out to acknowledge the steps they’ve taken to fulfill it. It is precisely this celebration that is needed to keep people both driven and happy.

Regardless of whether you have achieved something concrete or not, or even if you think you have failed, get what you can out of every experience and celebrate your progress. Do so before rushing head-first into the next project or goal. Take some time out to celebrate where you are right now – you deserve it and so do your team!

I realise it’s BAS-ON again and perhaps you didn’t take time out to celebrate the successful end to the last BAS period but it’s probably not too late although that knot in your stomach may have returned already and you know it won’t go away until it’s BAS-OFF again! I know that feeling. But I would encourage you to stop for a night and celebrate. If you’re on your own then go out with someone close to you who understands your journey or if you have a team do something that acknowledges their contribution to your Vision.

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