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We’ve now returned from holidays and highlights were definitely Mayan ruins and snorkeling in fresh water Cenotes in Mexico with colourful fish and huge caverns filled with stalactites and stalagmites.  Put that one on your list!

Now back to reality and hitting the ground running! I’m madly finishing off the updates to the Pure Bookkeeping System for release during the Bookkeeping Bootcamp and ready for our licensees in the next few weeks. With less than a week to go to the start of the Bootcamp Peter Cook and I are getting very excited about spending a day in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Melbourne over the next couple of weeks giving great bookkeepers strategies to grow their business. What I love about the content of the Bootcamp is the fact that we have got a full day to spend so there’s time for “workshop” type activities like creating a Business Plan on a page for the 12/13 FY. We’re going to make sure that everyone who attends will be completely sure about what their goals are and strategies in place to help them achieve that. That’s working ON your business and giving you an opportunity to change the trajectory of it.

A trajectory is the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time according to Wikipedia where I also got this diagram of a bullet hitting a target. Let’s say you’re standing on a spot and you can see clearly where the target is. As you aim for it you notice that you need to adjust your trajectory just a little otherwise you’re going to miss it.

A good analogy for business. The “spot” in business is a point in time (e.g. the Bootcamp). The target is the Business Plan on a page that you will create that day along with other stuff. Being clear you’re your target is for 12/13, creating effective strategies to hit the target and being persistent and determined to see it through MUST make a difference. It’s impossible not to.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It seems to me you have three choices:

  • Attend the Bootcamp and guarantee that you will dedicate the time to create a plan and the strategies you need
  • If you simply cannot attend, promise yourself that you will set aside a day in June to create a plan and the strategies you need
  • Do nothing to change the trajectory of your business (and nothing will change)

Am I being a bit harsh? That’s one way of looking at it but here’s another view - let’s call it tough love. It’s what we do for our kids when we know they will be better off even though you know they are going to suffer a bit until they get through it. If you want to grow a profitable bookkeeping business for 12/13 and change the trajectory with a plan and strategies in place you have to spend time NOW doing that and stick to your plan regardless of what comes at you (and stuff will I can promise you that).

I’m fired up and want more than anything to see you be profitable and have the lifestyle you always thought you would get running your own business. Is that what you really want? What are you prepared to do about it NOW?

Although spaces are limited because of venue sizes, if your choice is to book into the Bootcamp it may not be too late. Go to to register. I would love to see you there.