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I did a webinar talking about the Importance of Systems and when I was asked to be part of this presentation, I found myself trying to find a business that is relatable and so, blatantly, shows the Importance of Systems.

There are so many businesses that are systemised and run effectively as a result of putting such systems in place.  Which business can you think of that is a great example of a systemised business?

The business that I am thinking of is one that can be duplicated over and over.

  • Everyone knows what the staff are doing –
  • the staff know their expectations and their exact job role and how it plays a part in the entire business
  • the customers know exactly how they will be welcomed and treated
  • the product they supply will look exactly the same every time you order
  • they know how long the task will take to supply to the customer
  • they know what it will look like
  • they know how it will be presented
  • there is nothing left to chance

Every last detail has been documented and they have a process of training staff in the same way to get the exact same result.

  • The staff know what to expect
  • The customers know what to expect
  • The business owner knows what to expect

When I asked this question on the webinar almost 100% of the attendees picked up that I was referring to McDonalds.

McDonalds’ common tasks are to take an order, cook the food and deliver it.

And if you think about a bookkeeping business our common tasks are

  • We on board a client
  • We review their file & scope to quote
  • We do the processing & reconciling
  • We deal with compliance
  • We communicate with the clients

So, if we were to systemise those common tasks we do for every client we will

  • Be more productive
  • Staff and customers will know what to expect
  • And as a result, we will be more profitable
  • Allow the owner to do the work they love
  • And have the opportunity to scale and build an asset

Luckily you have the exact system your business needs in the Pure Bookkeeping System.

If you would like to learn more about Pure Bookkeeping, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Katrina Aarsman
CEO - Pure Bookkeeping

Article by purebookkeeping