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It’s time to reflect and plan the new year. OK, I don’t mean today, on Christmas Eve! But before you barrel headlong into another frantic year, take stock. Review your achievements in the previous year, assess what you could have done better, what systems you need to set up and set goals for the coming year. And then look at what projects you have been putting off that you know are going to make it more likely, or easier, for you to achieve your goals. Now is the time. Work ON your business in January before you start working on everyone else’s.

Do you need to be more professional and get your house into order? Do you need to get rid of clients who are like dead wood in your business and holding you back? Do you need to put up your prices? Do you need to join a networking group or implement other marketing strategies to grow your business? Are you full up and need to recruit but terrified of recruiting a dud?

Make a decision not to let fear get in the way of your goals in 2015. Plan the implementation of important projects and stick to the plan by prioritising your business. I know it’s not easy when life comes at you, but think about how you’ll feel when you have your house in order, clients who value you and pay you what you’re worth, effective marketing strategies which bring in new clients regularly and HR systems in place to recruit, induct and train great bookkeepers.

WFD20141224You know that if you have a target in your sights you’re more likely to hit it. So take more than just a well-earned rest. End the year with positive plans which energise you to take your business to the next level.

This is my last blog for the year - I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts with you in the coming year. On behalf of the Pure Bookkeeping team, I wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas and a new year that exceeds all your expectations.