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I have just finished reading the book How To Get Things Done by David Allen. It has had such an impact on my productivity and peace of mind that I wanted to share it with our licensees, so I held a webinar this week outlining his methodology and I wanted to share part of his message with you as well.

David says that one of the issues most people experience is the lack of ‘”psychic bandwidth”. “What is that?” you might ask. David says that it’s the space to THINK. The space to be creative. And he goes into great detail about what systems you need to put in place to capture and process that creativity so that you’re not having the same thoughts over and over.

For bookkeepers, I think there is another issue which contributes to the lack of psychic bandwidth. It’s that we don’t give ourselves permission to stop and think. As a great technician we feel more productive when we are doing client work. We know what we are doing has value to our clients because it is so empowering and most jobs (unless they are a rescue) are completed in a session. However because we haven’t been taught the value of making space to think about our own business, it feels a little self-indulgent. Perhaps even a little selfish and, at times, frustrating because you don’t have a way of measuring your progress.

Great bookkeepers love order and you’ll love his methodology. If you feel like there is too much to do, not enough time and you’re staying awake at night worrying about what you have to do tomorrow, David’s book is a MUST READ.