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Do you want to grow your bookkeeping business?

Is social media one of your online marketing strategies?

I realise it’s BAS ON at the moment and if you’re books are already full it probably puts a knot in your stomach thinking about taking on more clients. However Michael Reynolds from Inbound Marketing says if you think you don’t need to market yourself when you’re busy then you may have fallen into the trap of “marketing myopia”.


I must admit, I’m a little “old school” when it comes to marketing. I like to talk to people on the phone, send them an email or meet with them in person. I’ve dabbled a bit with social media but I really didn’t think it was relevant for a bookkeeping business so I never made the time to find out what all the hype was about.

However after spending ½ day with Kylie Bartlett from The Web Celeb I’m now convinced of the benefits and excited about using social media as a way of continuing to grow my bookkeeping business.

Kylie demystified the social media phenomenon explaining that essentially it’s made up of:


These are all household names now in social circles, but Kylie explained how to use them as a business marketing tool. She also gave a few tips:

  • Be professional – if you already have a personal FB page then clean it up by putting your family and friends into a private group
  • Put as much background as possible into your Linkedin page and ask all your clients to add a “Recommendation” for you
  • Have the same branding throughout all the pages
  • Follow “friends” via FB & Twitter and engage in conversations on their pages

I’ve got a bit of work to do to but I’m excited about social media! What about you? Are you already using it for your business? Love to hear your thoughts.

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