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Day 1 Session Replay

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Speaker: Peter Cook

Summary: Join author and Pure Bookkeeping Co-founder, Peter Cook, as he inspires and explains how you can take your business to the next level. You'll come away with a good understanding of:

  • What the next level for your business looks like
  • 5 keys to taking your business to the next level
  • How to get the most of this event

The Relationship Matrix

Speaker: Sharon Francisco & Katrina Aarsman

Summary: Business Coach, Sharon Francisco and Pure Bookkeeping's CEO, Katrina Aarsman will take you through the Client Relationship Matrix (CRM). Designed to help you understand and develop your current client relationships, the CRM will show you how to:

  • Move from compliance to full service with advisory
  • Move from employee/contractor to being a trusted advisor/partner in business
  • Prioritise your client relationships based on your business priorities

The Business Roadmap

Speaker: Debbie Roberts

Summary: In this insightful interview, Debbie Roberts (Co-founder of Pure Bookkeeping) will be taking the time to show you what can (and should!) be done to ensure you move up the Business Blueprint belts. Including:

  • Setting your business up to move into advisory
  • Processes and systems for success
  • Staffing, recruitment and HR
  • Technology and SOPs
Download Roadmap to Success file

The Discovery Call

Speaker: Nicole Guest & Sharon Francisco

Summary: Sharon Francisco and Nicole Guest (Business Development Manager, Pure Bookkeeping) will show you the strategy, framework and lead questions to use when conducting a successful discovery call with your prospective clients.

Download The Discovery Call Slides

The Expert Panel

Speaker: Helen Konstan, Kristy Fairbairn, Laura Elkasslasy, Heather Kennedy & Caroline Smith

Summary: Join our expert panel as they discuss how they have brought advisory to their clients. Our experts will cover:

  • Their experiences in branching into advisory
  • Timing: How to know when to offer advisory
  • How to begin the advisory conversation with your clients

Day 2 Session Replay

The Four Futures

Speaker: Sharon Francisco & Katrina Aarsman

Summary: Learn how to get on the path to your ideal business during this action packed Four Futures session.

Whether you want to grow your business, wind down your business or perhaps somewhere in-between, this session will help you to uncover the four possible futures for your business and how to get there in the next 3-4 years.

Download The Four Futures Slides

The Launch Pad

Speaker: Nicole Guest & Sharon Francisco

Summary: During this session, Nicole and Sharon will take you through some of the most common roadblocks bookkeepers come up against. They'll discuss solutions and opportunities to have you and your bookkeeping business moving to the next level in no time!

The Game Plan

Speaker: Sharon Francisco & Katrina Aarsman

Summary: Do you always feel like you're one step behind the eight ball? Join Sharon and Katrina as they help you map out your six weeks plan to ensure you're the one ahead of the game!

Breakout Sessions


Session title: Help your clients with cash flow forecasting

Speaker: James Lin

Summary: Learn how Fathom can help you:

  • Give your clients deep insights into their business
  • Confidently plan for every possibility and make the right decisions
  • Plan for specific events and initiatives such as hiring, financing, and projects


Session title: Offering advisory services? How to get started

Speaker: Michelle Timperley

Summary: Learn from our expert Michelle Timperley why offering advisory services is a great growth strategy for your practice, the two-step process that will help you get started, what are the challenges you may face, and how you can leverage technology to help you simplify and streamline the process.

Join this session to learn:

  • Why offer advisory services to your clients?
  • Where to get started?
  • What are the challenges you may face?
  • How to leverage technology



Session title: How to increase your revenue potential by automating data review.

Speaker: Kue Hall

Summary: Join Xbert's Practice Solution Expert, Kue Hall as she shows you:

  • How XBert’s AI Audit will increase your revenue potential, by automating data review and freeing up billable hours.
  • Load one of your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks files, and be walked through how XBert works for you, in your practice.
  • Q&A time for any burning questions


Day 1 Session title: Introduction to Dext Precision 

Speaker: Matt Rowan

Summary: Join Product Solutions expert Matt Rowan to understand the basics of Dext Precision. Understand features such as Health Score and Activity Stats to quickly understand the state of your client's books, to drive more profitable pricing.

Day 2 Session title: How to identify which compliance clients are ready to switch to advisory

Summary: Join Product Solutions expert Matt Rowan to understand how to leverage key features and utilise the Practice Dashboard and implement Precision into your workflows.

Profit First Australia

Session title: What is Advisory?

Speaker: Laura Elkaslassy

Summary: As an expert in the area of Advisory, Laura brings you this educational session to introduce you to and guide you through:

  • Identifying the areas in your business where you may already be advising
  • Understanding what advisory is
  • Identifying a plan to move into advisory

Pure Bookkeeping Logo

Session title: Advisory: What we’ve learnt, and what we’d change

Speaker: Debbie Roberts and Katrina Aarsman

Summary: Join Debbie, Katrina and other industry leading bookkeepers as they discuss their experiences in moving towards Advisory.  What to look out for, how to get started and the conversations to have with clients.