The Ultimate Shortcut to More Income, More Freedom, and More Fun in Your Bookkeeping Business

    Let me tell you about a bookkeeper like you.

    Her name is Patricia.

    She was struggling to keep her head above water with her bookkeeping business.

    She was bringing in some income from the business, but getting clients felt like a constant struggle.

    She always felt like she was just on the borderline of needing to give up on the business and go back to working in a 9 to 5 job.

    Several times last year, she declared to her spouse, “This isn’t worth it. It’s just too hard.” But then the appeal of setting her own schedule and working for herself would keep her from pulling the plug entirely.

    What Patricia needed was a shortcut to a profitable bookkeeping business, without the hassle and struggle….

    ….and she found one.

    Patricia found ways to systemize every aspect of her business, from marketing and selling her services, to hiring new bookkeepers, to growing the business.

    With this shortcut, she was able to raise her prices, bring in a consistent stream of clients, work fewer hours, and make more money in her business.

    Patricia got the systems, resources, and templates she needed to build her own 6-figure bookkeeping business. She found the shortcut she needed to start living the life she’d always dreamed of.

    ….and you can do the same thing.

    The Sad Truth About Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business

    Are you struggling in your current business?

    Many people launch their own businesses because they want to work from home, set their own hours, and stop working for other people.

    But unfortunately, many of these people struggle to get clients, bring in consistent income, and have the freedom they’re looking for.

    A lot of people dive into the deep end of launching their own bookkeeping business without having a clear idea of what it takes to own a successful practice. One that is free of stress, and has all the benefits they’re seeking.

    Once they start getting some clients, they work long hours for low pay. They constantly have to check email and voicemail, because they’re worried about upsetting clients if they’re not constantly available and “on call”.

    Many bookkeepers also feel like they’re just improvising when it comes to running their businesses. They’re just “winging it” every day, and they’re often practicing what we call “hope and pray” marketing.

    Sound familiar?

    Perhaps right now, you’re feeling: 

    • Uncertain about how to launch your new bookkeeping business, especially because you feel like there’s a lot of competition in your area.

    • Like you’re working really hard, but aren’t really making enough money to live the life you want to lead.

    • Frustrated because you’re constantly hustling to bring in new clients. You’d like things to be a little easier, and a little more consistent.

    • Unsure of how to raise your prices with your clients, especially because you’ve probably been undercharging for a long time.

    • Doubtful about hiring new bookkeepers into your practice to help you with the clients you’re bringing in, because you feel like no one can do the work as well as you can.

    • Like you’re reinventing the wheel every time you work with clients. You’ve don’t have any systems in place for things like client onboarding, introducing new bookkeepers, or getting testimonials from your clients. Everything takes far longer than it should because you don’t have efficient systems in place.

    If You're Struggling, We Have Great News: There is Another Way!

    Trying to run a bookkeeping business can be a lonely, frustrating business – but there is another way.

    Imagine what it would feel like if you could:

    • Have a clear plan for launching your bookkeeping business and starting off on the right foot (if you’re just starting out with your business).

    • Build systems to growing your business, maximize profits, and get your work done faster and easier.

    • Have easy templates and documents at your fingertips, so you never have to reinvent the wheel when you’re working with clients.

    • Raise your prices, so your business will be in the upper 25% of your industry.

    • Bring in a consistent stream of clients for your business, and never struggle to get leads or convert prospects to clients.

    These things are possible – even if you’re just launching your business….or even if you’ve been struggling in your business for years!

    If You're Struggling, We Have Great News: There is Another Way!

    If you are “winging it” with your bookkeeping business, don’t feel bad…you’re not alone.

    For the better part of her career, that’s what Debbie Roberts did, too.

    And for a while, it worked for Debbie.

    In the early days, when her business was smaller and simpler, “winging it” got the job done. But as her business expanded and she worked with more and more clients, flying by the seat of her pants (and working without systems) just didn’t cut it anymore.

    So Debbie did Something most business owners only dream of doing.

    Debbie searched out and hired one of the best business coaches in the country: Peter Cook.

    For the next eight years, Peter taught Debbie how to carefully systemize each and every aspect of her business.

    During this time, Debbie was able to:

    • Set up a “skills and speed” test for new hires, so she could hire the best bookkeepers for her business.

    • Establish a step-by-step, detailed process for working with every client in her business.

    • Create a 30-hour training program, to train all her new contractors and employees. Through this training program, all her new hires could quickly and easily absorb Debbie’s 30 years of experiences and skills, and learn all her processes and systems.

    • Put a new marketing system in place for her business. She called this process the “7x5”system, and Debbie used it to get 5 new clients a year from each of the 7 different marketing approaches.

    She documented virtually every aspect of marketing, selling, hiring, and growing her business in step-by-step detail, so everyone in the company could see it.

    During this documentation process, she created hundreds of pages of checklists and processes that all of her employees could access and use.

    With those systems documented and running properly, Debbie built her business to a team of 12 bookkeepers and started charging some of the highest rates in her industry.

    And the best part is that Debbie had the freedom and flexibility to take months off at a time, while her business ran itself.

    About ten years after she expanded her business and put her systems to the test, Debbie and Peter started sharing these business systems and templates with other bookkeepers who were trying to grow their businesses.

    Their goal was simple:

    They wanted to see if a bookkeeper from a completely separate company could follow the steps in their plans, and achieve similar results in less time.

    After working with some “early adopter” clients who were willing to experiment and give them feedback on their checklists, they made some changes and improved their systems even more.

    Then they handed the systems back to the test group to try again.

    The Result: SUCCESS!

    After they perfected their system over a period of several years, they start delivering things most bookkeeping business owners only dream of having. Things like:

    • Systems
    • Checklists
    • Reports
    • Cheat sheets
    • Templates
    • Standard Operating Procedures

    Now is your chance to get your hands on some of their best ideas, processes, and systems, with the Seven Secrets Value Pack for Bookkeepers.

    Introducing The 7 Secrets Value Pack for Bookkeepers

    With the tools, templates, coaching, and programs in this bundle, you can transform your bookkeeping business, and create more income, more freedom and more fun….

    ….even if you’ve been in business for years, and you think there’s NO chance that you can charge more for what you do.

    …even if you’re just starting out with your business, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused.

    …even if you hate “systems,” and the idea of documenting what you do just makes your stomach churn.

    Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get in This One-of-a-Kind Value Pack:


    Pre-Paid Ticket to The 7 Secrets of Growing Your Bookkeeping Business Webinar

    7 secrets

    If you want to get inspired, set a clear direction for growth in your business, and give yourself the confidence to achieve your goals, the Seven Secrets of Growing Your Bookkeeping Business webinar is for you.

    Too many bookkeepers simply don’t enjoy their businesses, and we’re committed to turning that around.

    The issue is that there are plenty of great bookkeepers who never learned how to truly manage a business. Bookkeepers who are qualified, who know the software inside and out, but never had the time or opportunity to really understand marketing, HR or business administration.

    The good news is running a successful, profitable operation is possible.

    In this webinar, we will share with you our co-founder Debbie Roberts’ tips and suggestions that catapulted her from an overwhelmed sole bookkeeper to the successful owner of a 6-figure business that employs 12 bookkeepers and virtually runs itself.

    If you want to get inspired, set a clear direction for growth in your business, and give yourself the confidence to achieve your goals, this seminar is a perfect next step for you.

    You’ll learn…

    • What you should be charging, and how to increase your rates without losing your top clients.

    • How to get more clients by following the tactics in our exclusive Sales and Marketing manual, which contains the Pure Bookkeeping 7x5 marketing plan.

    • How to build relationships with other accountants and create an ongoing stream of high-quality professional referrals.

    • How to easily earn additional income by producing standard reports for clients.

    • Two specific, easy-to-implement systems you can use to get more referrals from your current clients.

    • A proven system for hiring great bookkeepers to help with your clients as your business grows.

    Here’s What Bookkeepers Are Saying About the 7 Secrets Webinar:

    "The Seven Secrets Webinar and the presenter Michael Palmer are a 10 out of 10 in value. It helped me understand the areas that I need to develop to have my business become even more successful. I’ve since become a licensee of the Pure Bookkeeping System and we’re implementing it through out the business."

    Siobhan Harrop-Scott
    Harrop Scott & Associates Ltd.

    "I was already planning to do some of the things recommended in the webinar; but the webinar was very useful in outlining the whole picture and filling in some gaps. The hiring suggestions were a bonus."

    Joseph Milla
    CPA,CA Milla Accounting

    "I wanted to grow my business and the webinar with Michael helped me realized that I’ve got to make a lot of changes to grow one that’s successful and profitable. I found the entire webinar valuable. Thank you."

    Sherry Hagemeier
    ANL Bookkeeping


    E-Myth Bookkeeper: Why Most Bookkeeping Practices Don't Work and What to Do About It

    (Hard Cover Book and *Audio Chapters)


    Thousands of bookkeepers have used the principles taught in this book to skyrocket their business and improve their lives.

    In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn to transform your bookkeeping business into a world class operation using cutting edge marketing, customer service, time management and staff recruitment techniques.

    You will learn how to:

    • ​Create powerful systems in all areas of your business to generate consistent revenue, receive more clients, and manage your company more efficiently.

    • Attract qualified prospects using our highly effective 7x5 Marketing Plan.

    • ​Recruit trustworthy and talented bookkeepers to your team by identifying your core values, creating a targeted job advertisement, asking the right interview questions, and implementing a skills test to measure the applicant's abilities.

    • ​Use our Five Star Service model to thrill your clients, which will lead to consistent, qualified referrals.

    • ​Develop a proven exit plan for selling your practice – including tips on valuing your bookkeeping business.

    The E-Myth Bookkeeper gives you a complete toolkit for either starting a successful business from scratch, or maximizing an existing business’s performance.

    Loaded with practical, powerful advice you can easily use, this book will help you achieve your dream of building a thriving bookkeeping business.

    *Audio chapters are only those that were recorded by Debbie Roberts and Peter Cook. Full Audiobook is underway and purchasers will be notified.

    Here’s What Bookkeepers Are Saying About the 7 Secrets Webinar:

    "The biggest thing that jumped out at me was how much the authors knew about me and my business. Page after page was full of solutions that fit my business perfectly because it's written for bookkeepers. I now have a specific destination of where I want to take my business and a map of how to get there. Thanks Debbie for not quitting even though I know you felt like doing just that many times."

    Aaron Zinger
    On the Money Bookkeeping

    "Wow, I sure wish I had read the E-Myth Bookkeeper when I started my business. I feel like I was reading part of my own story, but now I have some ammunition to make the changes I need to make in my business. Thank you Debbie and Peter for sharing your story and developing Pure Bookkeeping!"

    Joyel Hidber
    Vision Accounting and Business Services Inc.

    "It was an eye-opening experience reading through the book. It brings to light so many challenges I've been facing as a bookkeeper and how to deal with them. Thank you Debbie for sharing your story."

    Jane Wong
    JaneFunda Bookkeeping

    "The E-Myth Bookkeeper has inspired me to pursue my own bookkeeping business. I have been "on the fence" over whether to search for an accounting position in a corporation or to focus my energy on developing my own business. This book has shown me that with a focused effort, I can make my own business a reality."

    Michele Ross
    Michele Ross Bookkeeping


    The 6 Figure Bookkeeping Business Template Pack


    In this treasure box of gifts, you’ll get 14 tested resources and templates that you can use to make your business more efficient and profitable.

    These resources and templates were created by Debbie, as she built her 6-figure bookkeeping business – and you can use them to save time, improve your results and start spending more time with your family and friends.

    Why re-invent the wheel? If you tried to create these templates on your own, it could take you hundreds of hours.

    Instead, you could jump right in and start using these proven best practices and systems in your business – and you can get started today!

    With this template pack, you will get:

    Get Instant Access to these Resources and Templates


    Price Increase Letter

    Chances are, you’re not being compensated appropriately for your skill set and experience – and it’s probably time to raise your rates! Get the template we use to inform our clients about rate changes, and stop feeling stressed out about how to tell your clients that you are increasing your fees.


    The Ten Biggest Mistakes Bookkeepers Make

    Want to know how to avoid the biggest mistakes and missteps bookkeepers make when they are building their businesses? This report will explain each mistake, and teach you how to avoid it in your own business.


    Visioning Template: 12-Month and 5-Year Visions

    Don’t fear your goals – own them! Writing down your goals will help you navigate your way to massive success with your business. Create your 12-month and 5-year goals on our visioning template, and start making decisions and taking actions that move you forward.


    Video: Vision Exercise

    Need more guidance on creating the vision for your bookkeeping business? Peter Cook will teach you how to plot your goals in this video.


    Interview Template and Guide for Evaluating Responses

    Need to know how to hire the right bookkeepers, so you can expand your business? These questions will give you more insight into a bookkeeper's dedication, passion, and work habits.


    Bookkeeping Session Checklist

    With this bookkeeper session checklist, you can record who’s responsible for tasks, track how long projects are taking you and your staff, and get regular updates on project progress.


    Bookkeeping Business Blueprint

    The journey to growing a 6 figure bookkeeping business and beyond can be daunting. This blueprint details the breakdown of the various revenue stages of a successful bookkeeping business and what you need to realize your vision.


    Recording of Debbie's Webinar for Licensees

    If you’ll be hiring staff for your business, find out how to onboard new bookkeepers with this webinar.


    Project Template

    When you get the right things done in your business you get the results you want such as more money, fun and freedom. Here's a project template to help you get more things done in your business.


    Photo of Debbie's office

    Running a successful bookkeeping business does not mean you have to have a fancy office. Your setup can be surprising simple! This photo of Deb's office gives you an idea of what works, and give you inspiration for creating your own workspace.


    Getting Testimonials Questionnaire

    Testimonials are one of your very best marketing tools for your business – but how do you get great testimonials from your clients? This questionnaire can help you find out what your customers particularly liked about your services, and it makes the process of getting testimonials quick and easy.


    Understanding Your Financial Reports

    Right from the start, emphasize to your clients that you are serious about facilitating clarity on how they see their finances. Use this report to help them understand the financial side of their businesses.


    Pure Bookkeeping System Sample Document (with Complete Table of Contents)

    You wear many hats as you run your bookkeeping business. The longer it takes for you to understand each domain of your business, the more painful growing your business will be. This Pure Bookkeeping System sample document will give you a bird's eye view on all the systems of your business, so you can manage all of them masterfully.


    How to Value a Small Business

    Interested in selling your business? You’ll need to know what the business is worth – and it may not be obvious how to figure that out. In this document, we’ll give you a few simple techniques for estimating your business’s value.


    Bookkeeping Business Strategy Session

    Template Pack - Strategy-Session

    If you’ve ever wanted to “pick the brain” of a master business coach, to find out how you can improve your business and start bringing in more clients and more income…now’s your chance.

    In this powerful consultation, you’ll get one-on-one time with one of our Pure Bookkeeping master business coaches. You’ll review the current status of your bookkeeping operation, get clear on your goals, and develop a 90-day strategy and action plan to achieve your desired results.

    We've worked with thousands of bookkeepers (at all stages of their businesses, from start-ups to 7 Figure Businesses), and we can suggest specific, practical strategies that will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

    Here’s how this strategy session can help you, at the different stages of your bookkeeping business:

    If you’re a start-up or not yet at full capacity ​

    • Figure out a plan to launch your business.

    • Create a consistent stream of new client leads, to fill your practice in the next 90 days.

    • Raise your prices, up to the upper 25% of fees in the industry.

    If you’re transitioning into building a team of bookkeepers ​

    • Avoid common mistakes made when hiring and preparing for new staff. ​

    • Build systems for your business to maximize profits. ​

    • Hire and retain the best staff, to minimize turnover and keep your clients happy.

    If you're a Mature Business ​

    • Increase the valuation of your business. ​

    • Stop doing the work directly, and assume a management role. ​

    • Determine your exit strategy. ​

    • Learn how to work a couple of hours a week, and take a full time salary (yes, it is absolutely possible for you!). ​

    • Set up a plan to sell your business, so you can fund your retirement.

    By the end of this session, you will have an action plan filled with strategies to achieve your desired goals.

    We guarantee it will be an incredible investment of time into your business.

    Here’s What Bookkeepers Are Saying About Working With The Pure Bookkeeping Team:

    "Ever since I invested in working with the team at Pure Bookkeeping, my experience has been amazing because of the useful information I’ve learned and being a part of the company’s very supportive bookkeeping community. In the first 90 Days I added 25k to my bottom line. Thank you to the Pure Bookkeeping team!"

    Melina Rousselle
    Melina Solutions

    "The Pure Bookkeeping team has been instrumental in helping me believe in myself and my ability to build my business. Pure Bookkeeping has provided the tools for that to happen, while the team has provided the coaching and encouragement to keep moving forward. They keep encouraging me to get out of, and stay out of, my comfort zone .. and is there to encourage me when I need it."

    Patricia Sawatzky
    TAP Bookkeeping

    "Working with the Pure Bookkeeping team help me increase my profits and build a great team of bookkeepers. In 2014, I was able to take my first 3 weeks off in a very long time and the business ran smoothly while I was away. Thank you! This is only the beginning!"

    Joan Fehr
    Picasso Perfomance


    Online Business Accelerator Program


    Get ready to build a vision for your bookkeeping business, then develop your strategies and implement the steps for achieving that vision.

    We've created a whole program around the 7 Seven Secrets to help you design a business you'll love and a plan to achieve it.

    We’ve delivered this program to over 3,000 bookkeepers around the world, and we have continued to evolve the program to ensure the success of our clients.

    The 3 keys to the Online Business Accelerator Program

    Create Your Vision ​

    • What do you want to achieve? ​

    • How will you know when you achieve it? ​

    • How might you achieve it?

    Determine a New Path

    • ​Determine your value 

    • Focus on what works ​

    • Get committed

    Make Things Happen ​

    • Create the strategy 

    • Set the objectives ​

    • Take the actions

    By the end of this program, you will be well prepared to execute on these strategies to achieve your vision.

    Order the 7 Secrets Value Pack Today, and You’ll Get:

    • ​A pre-paid ticket to “The Seven Secrets of Growing Your Bookkeeping Business,” our online webinar ($110 Value)

    • The E-Myth Bookkeeper: Why Most Bookkeeping Practices Don't Work and What to Do About It, Book and Audiobook ($50 Value) ​

    • The 6-Figure Bookkeeping Business Template Pack, including the Price Increase Letter, Interview Template, and Testimonials Questionnaire ($250 Value) ​

    • A one-on-one bookkeeping business strategy session with one of our master business coaches ($250 Value) ​

    • The Online Business Accelerator Program ($497 Value)

    Total Value: $1157

    Money Back Guarantee

    Our Risk-Free Guarantee

    We want to give you every chance to try our Value Pack with confidence, so we’re offering a hassle-free guarantee.

    If you decide the Seven Secrets Value Pack for Bookkeepers isn’t a good fit for you, just let us know, and we’ll refund 100% of your money for 30 Days.

    Get the Seven Secrets Program Value Pack for Bookkeepers for Just $99

    Get The Value Pack Now Only $99 USD


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    P.S: If you have any questions about the program give us a call toll-free at Call 1-855-545-7873