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“Allow your team to have the best chance of success by giving them systems that support them.”

Kristy Fairbairn shares how Pure Bookkeeping, its systems and community changed her bookkeeping business forever.



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Kristy Fairbairn, director of The Business Oasis, started as a bookkeeper with a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering the best possible service. With two young kids and a partner that traveled for work, Kristy took her love of spreadsheets and found a flexible and rewarding career that suited her and her lifestyle.

Kristy made the leap to become a business owner when her employer at the time decided to sell. With the right proposal she had the clients and the business, but there was still a lot to learn along the way. Established or not, running a business on your own is a challenge. Fortunately, Kristy had the systems, support and community to help her business flourish in no time. 

Not only did she have her own business, she also became a Pure Bookkeeping licensee. She had been trained to use the Pure Bookkeeping systems and knew it would be an asset while running her own business. 

With the System, Kristy also had the support, guidance and access to a community of welcoming and inspiring bookkeeping business owners. 

"The Pure Bookkeeping System really helped get my business off the ground. It has allowed me to step back from the day-to-day sooner than I could have without it.”

The Bookkeeping Community

When Kristy accessed the bookkeeping community through Pure Bookkeeping. She found that fellow business owners were open, kind, and willing to help a newcomer like her. As somebody who strives to deliver high-quality work, she was happy to find others who not only wanted the same but also reached out and provided wisdom. 

“It’s a community of people who are like-minded and have the same high values and expectations of service.” Kristy said. Working remotely, without the bustle and hustle of your peers beside you, can feel isolating. It can also be frustrating when you feel like you have to solve every little problem on your own. However, with a community of passionate bookkeepers, Kristy was never really alone. 

Hiring Offshore

It took Kristy a few tries to find the right person to help her with the day-to-day running of her business. However, with the right systems in place, Kristy began to find the right candidates to match her business needs.

Through the bookkeeping community, Kristy learnt the best ways to hire offshore and ran a number of trials before finding the right employee for the role. 

Like every business owner, Kristy strives to deliver a high-quality service and give her staff the tools they need to also succeed. She understood that in order to get the best from your staff, you have to give them the tools, training and guidance they need to succeed.  

“When I do get new staff I send them straight to Pure Bookkeeping Central where they complete the system training,” Kristy said. “Allow your team to have the best chance of success by giving them systems that support them.”

This includes new technologies and apps.

The Technology for Success

Using new tech or Apps can feel daunting or even a little risky. For Kristy, it’s a shiny new toy that could have the potential to transform or streamline her business. Over the years Kristy’s drive to adapt to new technologies, and include them into her practise, has given her business more room to grow.

“It’s the admin manager I don’t have to pay a salary to” laughs Kristy.

For Kristy, it’s systems, data and processes everybody has access to. It’s always in place, so if your administration staffer leaves you’re not left in the dark. Being prepared when you have a number of clients and staff relying on you is so important, “when you have a person in place of that, they could leave and you’d end up with nothing” notes Kristy. 

Believing in the Value of your Work

“Being able to defend your process is really important” Kristy said, especially when it came to the occasional power imbalance between accountants and bookkeepers. “The relationship between bookkeeper and accountant is really important and there is an equality to it as well.”

Bookkeepers have valuable and keen insight that’s not to be taken for granted. Have confidence in your work! If you feel that something isn’t right or you know how to do something better, then speak up.

“There is no longer: the bookkeeper does the day-to-day and that’s it.” Kristy develops a strong relationship with her clients, the accountants and helps them be the best they can be. She is confident in her expertise and knows the value of her work. In fact, she is hoping to take on more of an advisory role in the future. 

For Kristy, producing something high quality is her top priority. She believes that Pure Bookkeeping has guided her to where she is today. 

“It empowers you to deliver the best practice service.” Kristy said. “It’s an investment to become a Pure Bookkeeping licensee but it is also an asset. A tangible asset that has monetary value.”



Kristie was recently a finalist at the Women in Finance Awards - Regional Professional of the Year, as well as being a finalist with a Business Excellence Award for the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards. 



Processes & Systems Implemented

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“Pure Bookkeeping empowers you to deliver best practice service. It’s an investment to become a Pure Bookkeeping licensee but it is also an asset, A tangible asset that has monetary value.”

Kristy Fairbairn, Director, The Business Oasis

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