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"300% Increase In Business"

Lisa Campbell shares how Pure Bookkeeping and its systems helped her reach a higher gear in her business.



Increase in Business


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Trust In Proper Systems


Lisa has been a certified bookkeeper for 30 years, a profit strategist and Director of Profit First Professionals Canada.

"Before Pure Bookkeeping, my business systems needed work. It was preventing me from achieving the success I wanted."


Life will test you.

Lisa knows this well.

At age 21, while some young people finished school and hoped to find a job in their ideal career, she became a certified esthetician then within 6 months of graduating, she opened up her own salon.

At that point, she also decided to go to night school to learn how to manage her financials. It served her well because some of her salon clients found out about her additional skills then Lisa started to develop her side hustle as a bookkeeper.

Eventually, she’d sell her salon and focus on her part-time bookkeeping business that was run from a corner in her living room. It was tough enough being an entrepreneur, but Lisa also had to contend with an unhealthy marriage with someone who devalued her and her contributions.

Her home was a toxic environment that seemed inescapable.

She knew her part-time bookkeeping gig wasn’t going to support her and her 3 kids. She had to create a plan to get out.

With what she knew under her belt, she took more courses and programs and invested time in herself. She built up her client roster and was working beyond her own capacity. She was on overload and making money.

She realized she could actually do this.

Then her life crashed down when her husband lost his job and all the money she was making, he was spending.

He never considered tax reserves or operating expenses. As a result, the debt was piling on.

Lisa was shattered.

How could she get out of this?


Lisa was on the hunt for everything she needed to create something amazing out of nothing.

The stakes were high.

She needed to get her kids out of this unhealthy environment, find her freedom and make a living on her own.

This was going to be her lifeline and freedom. She had to kick it into a higher gear.

So, she learned how to systemize her practice to grow her side gig into a business. She focused on how to manage cashflow so she could operate within her means, have money to pay taxes and also pay herself.

After years of planning and perseverance, she finally created a steady income for herself that gave her the freedom she was looking for.

In 2016, she proved that she could not only remove herself from a painful 11-year relationship, but she could push the limits she never thought she could.

Since that time, she’s learned that the sky is not the limit. She is, in fact, limitless.

During those years where she began taking her business to the next level, Pure Bookkeeping was a part of that journey.

In fact, Lisa increased her business by 63% in her first 90 days of joining.

Pure Bookkeeping provided her a proven, pre-made system, processes and templates that helped to fast-track her success.

Nowadays, Lisa uses the knowledge she’s acquired over the years to help entrepreneurs become profitable while also being a mentor to countless bookkeepers and accountants who want to achieve more in their businesses and lives.

She has come a long way from a time where it appeared there was no way out.

It just goes to show, if you’re willing to work hard, have some grit, get creative, invest in yourself and seize the moment, you can craft your ideal life.

Lisa has and she’s now helping others do the same.

Processes & Systems Implemented



When I purchased the Pure Bookkeeping System, I was blown away by the content. It was refreshing to see these proven systems and processes in place. I had never seen that before! It was a game-changer and a great springboard in helping me have a more profitable bookkeeping business.

Lisa Campbell, Director, Profit First Professionals Canada

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