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“This System has revolutionised our business.”

Melinda Watson shares how Pure Bookkeeping helped her to overcome the overwhelm and plan for retirement.



Increase in Profit


More Clients


Increase in Confidence

The Beginning 

Melinda, along with her partner Neale, started their business Books In Order Bookkeeping six years ago on the Gold Coast. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the bookkeeping industry, Melinda had developed a wealth of expertise to shape her passion. As she began to systematise all her knowledge in order to build her business, she quickly found the lack of organisation and systems within her business were causing her to become overwhelmed and overworked. 

“I was the main road block for our business, as everything was in my head and nothing was on paper,” Melinda said. 

Being a booking and accounting business of just two, Melinda knew that something had to change, so she joined Pure Bookkeeping in June of 2021. 

"I was the main road block for our business, as everything was in my head and nothing was on paper.”

A Change in State of Mind

“I was really impressed with Pure Bookkeeping. When I looked into it, all of the hard work seemed to be done already! It's so good and had everything that we needed."

Before joining Pure Bookkeeping, Melinda had been researching best practice bookkeeping systems, processes and solutions. She first ordered Debbie Roberts’ (co-founder and director of Pure Bookkeeping) book The E-myth Bookkeeper, and then devoured Katrina Aarsman’s (CEO of Pure Bookkeeping) book, Grow, Profit, Exit. “The books were really insightful. They opened our eyes to some of the hurdles we were facing - and it’s not just us, it’s everybody in the industry!”

The research Melinda conducted also showed her how many opportunities for growth, development and diversification were in reach with the right business set up. Excitedly she wondered, “how far can I actually take my business?” 

Through discovering what Pure Bookkeeping was all about, Melinda was able to realise that her business could become something more - she could scale her business and set it up in a way that would allow her to sell or pass on the business in the future.  

“It’s actually helped change our state of mind to know that it’s not just two people doing some bookkeeping. We can have a plan and maybe in five or so years time, we might be able to sell the business or set it up to run with minimal involvement from us! Retirement was finally looking like an achievable goal.” said Melinda

Immediate Results

Within just three months of joining Pure Bookkeeping, Melinda was already able to see a difference - not just in her business, but herself too. She recalls the feeling of freedom and excitement that her business was “ready to take on more - we knew that we can grow and we can help more people.”   

Melinda was able to streamline her checklists and processes, and most importantly gain more confidence, helping her to expand the business. Everything within the business was running more smoothly than ever before, especially with the support of the Pure Bookkeeping community.  

“It’s opened up so many possibilities and it’s probably the best investment we’ve made for our business,” Melinda says.

Melinda's Advice

“I can’t recommend the Pure Bookkeeping System highly enough! Whether you are a sole trader just starting out, or an experienced bookkeeper looking to overcome the overwhelm, the Pure Bookkeeping System is the answer,” Melinda reflected. 

“If I hadn't discovered Pure Bookkeeping, I would still be feeling overwhelmed, day in, day out. Instead my only regret is not starting with the System years ago, I could have saved myself so much time, stress and money!”

Processes & Systems Implemented

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“My only regret is not starting with the System years ago, I could have saved myself so much time, stress and money!”

Melinda Watson, Director, Books in Order Bookkeeping

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