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“Within about five or six months, I had replicated my income. I didn't need to go back to my other job.”

Julie Watson shares how Pure Bookkeeping, its systems and community changed her bookkeeping business forever.


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Beginning a Bookkeeping Business

Before Julie Watson founded her business, Bookkeeping Relief Julie received a Diploma in Accounting, then became a CFO for a company for several years, waiting for the right moment to start her own bookkeeping business. Throughout her previous jobs, Julie thought her systems were working really well, however when things got busy, Julie found it difficult to manage the workflow.  

When Julie was ready to start her own business, that’s when she came across Pure Bookkeeping (PB). 

“I wanted to do it all in one go, I didn't want to just do it gradually. So I ended up signing up with PB, I left my job, got my BAS agent registration, then just started my business and went straight into the PB system,” she said.   

While Julie knew this was a huge step to take in starting her own business, with the help of Pure Bookkeeping she felt that she could weigh up the risks and “give this a good go.”

Trusting the Process 

Before joining Pure Bookkeeping, Julie had some questions, and wanted to ensure that the System was going to be beneficial to both her and her business. Julie wanted to make sure that she could trust the program, and trust the person who wrote it. 

“I think that if you don't fully trust the program, then you won’t commit,” Julie explained. 

Through asking many questions, she found that her fears were alleviated. “Doing my due diligence, research and speaking to people, helped me to be able to understand the Pure Bookkeeping System and feel confident with my decision to invest” noted Julie. Choosing to allocate three hours each day to learning the System, she quickly found that the program was worth it.    

“I think the time that I invested was worth it, because had I not done that and I had half-done the program, I would have only reached half of the benefits.”

A Small Community of Bookkeepers

While implementing the PB system, Julie discovered something unexpected along the way: Masterminds. Masterminds are a group of business owners and BAS agents who are also Pure Bookkeeping licensees. Meeting on regular occasions to ask questions, discuss opportunities and share advice, Julie joined her local group straight away, finding it to be really helpful for her business. 

“To be honest, some of the decisions I've made in my business have been the result of those masterminds,” Julie says. 

Julie recalls being at one of the Mastermind meetups, and was curious to know what everyone was charging for their hourly rates. After she told everyone at the table what she was charging, everyone said to her “you’re charging too low, you need to put your rates up!” 

Even though she was nervous, Julie said that after that meeting, she put her rates up $20, and it was a great success.


The Payoff

Through working directly with the Pure Bookkeeping System, Julie was able to achieve the goals she set out for her business: to replicate her income and work less hours. 

“Within about five or six months, I had replicated my income so that I didn't need to go back to my other job. I did work out of home in the beginning, and then eventually got to a point where I could afford an office,” Julie said. 

Now Julie's business has grown to the point where she has two full-time staff members and another staff member who is in charge of admin. Julie was also the proud winner of the 2018 Victorian Bookkeeper of the Year Award. 


Julie's Advice

“I learnt so much in the Pure Bookkeeping System that I didn't expect to learn,” noted Julie. 

Julie would recommend the Pure Bookkeeping System “if you're already good at what you do, and you like what you do, but you want to take your business to another level. Then I think the Pure Bookkeeping System is a great idea!”

Do you want to transform your bookkeeping business? Learn more about the services Pure Bookkeeping provides from free training, seminars to our system that will help you rebuild your business. 


Processes & Systems Implemented

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“Implementing the Pure Bookkeeping System into my business, it gave me confidence, I think was one of the biggest things.”

Julie Watson, Founder, Bookkeeping Relief

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