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You’ve got to trust yourself. Give it a hard go.”

Jacqui Cubis shares how Pure Bookkeeping, its systems and community changed her bookkeeping business forever.



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The Beginning 

Are you looking to take your bookkeeping business to the next level, but find yourself unsure about the next steps? Jacqui Cubis, wanting to have more quality time with her children and grow her business, was ready to hire her first employee when she found herself facing unforeseen hurdles.

Through self belief, determination and the right guidance she was able to charge forward and grow something she can be proud of.

Jacqui now successfully runs two businesses, About Business Bookkeeping and Evolutionary Workflow, and finds time to spend with her two children. 

"I knew I had to invest in it because I didn’t have enough skills and knowledge to do it myself.”

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Getting Started 

Jacqui fell into bookkeeping as a way to support her family, “I found myself with two babies wondering how to put food on the table”.  As a solo-parent and the only income earner, bookkeeping offered her flexibility and the ability to work from home making the role ideal for many working solo parents.

Her need to provide for her children, give them the best education possible and a good home, drove her business forward and beyond. It was also something she needed to do for herself. Jacqui was “hungry for a business; something that’s mine”. The promise of independence and the self-reliance of being a business owner gave her the extra push to make it work. 

It’s paid off, her two children are proud of their hard-working mum. They’ve told their friends at school: “Mum has two businesses… and lots of staff”. 

Within twelve months of starting out, Jacqui found that she needed an employee to assist with the growing workload, and so that she could make time for her family. 

The Big Leap

Hiring your first employee can be a hurdle that has growing pains for many small businesses. When recruiting her first employee, Jacqui found that she didn’t have the support and systems in place, resulting in the unfortunate experience of hiring the wrong person.

Knowing that something needed to change, Jacqui saw a Pure Bookkeeping seminar through the Australian Bookkeepers Network and took a chance. She came in with doubts and left with the confidence, the support and a bookkeeping business system that would become a major turning point in her career. 

“I knew I had to invest in it because I didn’t have enough skills and knowledge to do it myself”, Jacqui said when it came to deciding to invest in herself. “I needed the knowledge and support of somebody who had done it before me”. 

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Jacqui went from struggling with her first hiring experience to discovering that she has a talent and passion for managing staff. Using the Pure Bookkeeping system Jacqui has been able to find and hire the right people for her business, and she continues to thrive. She can afford to give her children the best education available, own her own home and continue to do what she loves.  

Investing was the push she needed to fully commit to growing About Businesses Bookkeeping. She even helps other businesses as part of her second successful business, Evolutionary Workflow, where Jacqui helps businesses to implement changes, streamline processes and create workflow solutions. 

She brings her personal motto of “if you get yourself organised, the rest will flow” to everything she does. For Jacqui, receiving the guidance, support and structure from Pure Bookkeeping has given her the reassurance she needed to get organised. Jacqui still maintains that  “using the systems is pure gold”. 


Jacqui's Advice

Jacqui’s advice to those looking to take the next step or searching for support to uplift their business is “You’ve got to trust yourself. Give it a hard go.”

Give yourself a chance to grow and believe in your capability to build something that is your own. “If that business grabs you and you want it to grow, you’ll have the systems in place. You can be propelled to the next level”. 

If you want to hear more about Jacqui, you can catch her over on The Successful Bookkeeper podcast.


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Jacqui Cubis


“If that business grabs you and you want it to grow, with Pure Bookkeeping, you’ll have the systems in place. You can be propelled to the next level”

Jacqui Cubis, Founder, About Business Bookkeeping

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