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"I Got My Time Back"

Jessica Fox shares how Pure Bookkeeping, its systems and community changed her bookkeeping business forever.



Increase in Profit


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Increase in Confidence


Jessica began freelance bookkeeping in 2010, first as a subcontractor for a CPA, then getting clients independently but it wasn't until 2016 that she felt she had learned enough to go from "side gig" to "business".

Virtual bookkeeping especially appealed to her because when she was home with an infant, she and her husband shared one car, so it didn’t make sense for her to potentially work onsite for clients.

She would dive into entrepreneurship and eventually, Florida Virtual Bookkeeper was born.

"Before Pure Bookkeeping, I was spending a lot of time creating my own systems and processes from scratch. It was incredibly time-consuming."


In 2016, while checking out the internet one day, Jessica came across Pure Bookkeeping.

At the time, she didn’t feel ready for its signature system because she had some growing to do, as an entrepreneur, to cement her commitment to her business.

So, she decided to create her own systems and templates.

After 2 years of working a minimum of 1 hour per week, she was nowhere near done.

She kept working on it little by little, but the challenges were that it was time-consuming and she didn't know if what she was creating was a "best practice" or if there was a better way.

All she knew was that she couldn’t wait until she set up everything up to grow her business.

It didn’t help she also struggled with confidence issues and was a self-described “horrible marketer and salesperson.”

She realized there was room for a lot of improvement, so she wanted to get the tried and true techniques that worked for others.

She knew that Pure Bookkeeping would assist with all of the above.


After signing up, an unexpected positive result of her decision was validation that she was on the right track on all of the foundational work she had been doing over the previous 2 years. It turns out the Pure Bookkeeping System wasn't really that different from the systems she had been creating so it gave her a big confidence boost.

This also allowed her to implement the system faster because it didn't change her workflow that much. She initially feared that it would take her longer to do the monthly work using the system but that hasn't been the case. Instead, she now has greater confidence that nothing has fallen through the cracks and that she is able to deliver consistent quality of work to her clients.

Jessica feels that implementing the system has allowed her to increase the rates on several long term clients that were not paying anywhere near what her service is worth. She has always hated discussing price and was terrified that they would go somewhere else but they all happily agreed to the increases. The increases so far have been 26%, 28% and 47% respectively. In hindsight, she believes she could have gone even higher.

Her short term goal is to double revenue within a year while working roughly the same number of hours. She is on track to do so because commanding higher rates allows her to serve less clients that pay more.

The systems and workflows mean that she is not wasting time on inefficiencies.

For the long term, she wants to continue to grow her practice and establish a reputation of quality of service in the field. While hiring and eventually selling aren't necessarily part of her current road map, she hasn't discounted the possibility.

The Pure Bookkeeping system makes these goals easily achievable.

There’s no doubt, the future looks bright for Jessica and she’s only just getting started.

Processes & Systems Implemented



By joining Pure Bookkeeping, I was able to get a lot of time back because I was no longer second guessing myself. I was able to take ready-made systems and templates that I was able to quickly implement into my system. I was able to get time back and just use that to provide five-star consistent service to all of my clients.

Jessica Fox, Owner, Florida Virtual Bookkeeper

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