3 Simple Steps To Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

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You'll Learn How To...


Get paid more

So many bookkeepers are underpaid. We'll show you how to be valuable and paid well for your services.


Find Great Clients

There are more great clients than bookkeepers. Let us help you find clients who will value what you do.


Hire Great Staff

A bad hire can make you want to get out of business all together. We'll show you how get the hiring right which will earn you more and give you freedom.


Increase Profitability

Profit is the point of being in business. If you're tired of doing a lot of work for not a lot of money then it's time for a new strategy that's proven.


Gain Freedom

If you're working 7 days a week and sometimes evenings and weekends. Let us show you how to work less while still earning more.


Sell Your Business

Let's us show you how you can build an asset someone would value enough to buy.

Get the 7 Secrets Program - Only $99

What Clients Are Saying About Our Programs...

"I was in a rut. I needed answers. The 7 Secrets Seminar came at the right time. It taught me to charge more for my bookkeeping services; to create different revenue streams and to get over my hatred for sage to open my market more. This seminar was perfect!"


Wendy Malcom

Wendy Malcom’s Bookkeeping

"The 7 Secrets Seminar has me thinking more clearly about where I want to be and how much time I am willing to devote my bookkeeping business. It was great to connect with other bookkeepers, and have encouragement to value our services."


Susan Norris

Up And Running Business Services

"Like many business owners, I’m afraid to make hiring mistakes. Once I attended the seminar, it provided me valuable Human Resources information that will no doubt help me in the future. I definitely recommend this to my colleagues and friends."


Aaron Zinger

On The Money Bookkeeping Services Ltd.

"I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others! The most valuable things I learned were how to present and value myself. It also changed my thinking in terms of restructuring my bookkeeping business to serve clients at a higher price and get rid of low priced clients."


Yufang Xie

Advance Business Solutions Ltd.

"The Seminar taught me that my bookkeeping business is a valuable asset and that can be sold. Michael is an excellent presenter and he made sure even the more quiet participants were involved and allowed them an opportunity to speak in the seminar."


Michael Mahy

Seianna Financial Services Inc.

"I wish the seminar was LONGER! It was so valuable to me and made me feel more confident facing the struggles of my business. One of the biggest takeaways was that I need to be, 'working ON my business, not in my business.' Brilliant!"


Melina Rousselle

Melina Solutions Bookkeeping

Get the 7 Secrets Program - Only $99